WorXite Table

The worXite is easy-to- carry and deployment on-site will not take you more than 15 seconds.

Transport by van? No problem, your worXite will fit snugly in mostly any van or any truck. See the benefits? Complete freedom of movement.

Unfolded it will take up no more space than any other conventional working bench you have ever worked with. See what you gain?

Strenght, safety and peace of mind.

Specifications of the folded worXite
Width: 150 cm
Depth: 66 cm
Height: 90 cm

Specifications of the deployed worXite
Width: 150 cm
Depth: 14 cm
Height: 99 cm

Total weight of the worXite: 23 kgs
Maximum workload: 150 kgs


WorXite has been certified by TüV-Nord and is registered under No. 44 780 15113901

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What customers say
  • "A marvellous building companion in my daily routine, There’s absolutely no way I can do without it!"

    - Mark Ploeger, De Romein Bouw & Ontwikkeling B.V
  • “Possibly the best invention since Velcro!!"

    - Rik van der Meulen, Professional Carpenter
  • “I can't envision a hard day's work without it!”

    - Erik Schipper, Cabinetmaker