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Do you ever feel like today's technology is offering you solutions to problems that don't exist?
And your basic requierments to a safe and exciting workplace aren't met?
Well, now they are... This revolutionary, all-purpose working table will do the job for you!

WorXite Performance and Design

Performance and Design

The WorXite is a revolutionary design working table that is multi-functional, multi-purpose and a valuable asset to you working environment. The sturdy aluminium frame and table top guarantee long life in every line of business, be it construction, catering or exposition. It's clever, versatile, light-weight and arguably the best thing since Velcro!

Easy to use & store

The retractable arms (or feet, if you wish) in combination with the swivel wheels make the WorXite very easy to both fold in and out, move about and turn the table info a conveniently transportable object. When space is an issue in your line of business, the WorXite will serve all you spatial needs.

WorXite Easy to use store

Why should you use WorXite ?

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With endless possibilities

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What customers say
  • "A marvellous building companion in my daily routine, There’s absolutely no way I can do without it!"

    - Mark Ploeger, De Romein Bouw & Ontwikkeling B.V
  • “Possibly the best invention since Velcro!"

    - Rik van der Meulen, Professional Carpenter
  • “I can't envision a hard day's work without it!”

    - Erik Schipper, Cabinetmaker

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